Thank you to all of the wonderful speakers and attendees that made the 3rd National Summit a success!


December 1st – 2nd, 2015, Toronto
4th National Summit on Data Analytics for Healthcare (Toronto, Venue TBD)

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Challenges are what lead to innovative solutions. Start a national dialogue leading to creative solutions.

Organizations who embrace change and actively engage their staff in the process of healthcare transformation approach data analytics from a position of strength.

Extract effective and usable value from data accumulated at your organization. Develop innovative solutions and encourage creative reporting and ensure quality improvement and patient safety.

Bringing together the stakeholders in clinical care, operations, IT, research and more, this summit will give you a comprehensive view of the new policies, initiatives and trends that will enrich your decision-making process.

Continuously improve and be on top of your game.

Your first step – THIS CONFERENCE!

Source practical solutions to ensure quality improvement and patient safety:

  1. Data Privacy: Gain insight into challenges and benefits to sharing data
  2. Innovation: Deploy cutting edge research for data analytics
  3. Data Governance: Ensure sustained effort across your organization
  4. Talent Recruitment: Build new capacity within your team
  5. Data Driven Decision: Enrich your decision making process
  6. Quality Based Procedure: Encourage creativity in healthcare delivery
  7. Standardization: Stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for future trends and changes
  8. Engagement: Actively engage staff and public to ensure greater results
  9. Data Linkage: Access to richer data through cost effective solutions
  10. Data Quality: Develop an effective data quality framework
  11. Data Warehouse: Develop modern data repositories
  12. Quality Improvement: Guarantee patient safety and better services

Take advantage of this elite summit and connect with key stakeholders from across spectrum. As Canada’s longest running and most respected data analytics knowledge exchange, this is your opportunity to source insights from healthcare and IT leaders.

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