Join a national conversation on improving healthcare with analytics.

Be a part of the only Canadian conference that brings together researchers and clinicians to enhance the way analytics are being used in the healthcare industry. Source best practices and gain insights into strategies that you can apply to your own organization.

14+Healthcare Organizations
15+Case Studies

Hear from key stakeholders and take away these BENEFITS:

  1. Improve data collection: Standardize and clean data for better information
  2. Create an analytics strategy: Identify strategic goals and align them across departments
  3. Leverage electronic medical records: Analyze EMR data to enhance patient care
  4. Generate business intelligence: Support quality improvement initiatives with tangible information
  5. Source cost-effective solutions: Explore open-source analytics systems to keep costs down
  6. Initiate quality improvement initiatives: Generate better outcomes using data
  7. Big data management: Include disparate data in your considerations
  8. Practical instructions: Take away actionable steps you can implement immediately to improve health outcomes
  9. Apply predictive analytics: Anticipate patient needs to plan accordingly
  10. Build a culture of measurement: Create support for analytics throughout your organization