Join a national conversation on improving healthcare with analytics.

Be a part of the only Canadian conference that brings together researchers and clinicians to enhance the way analytics are being used in the healthcare industry.

Download the brochure today and source these 10 insights to improve your healthcare delivery:

  1. AI/ML: Integrate and optimize your automation capabilities
  2. Data Literacy: Educate your teams to maximize insights
  3. Predictive Analytics: Forecast future needs more accurately
  4. Data Accuracy: Address errors to ensure trusted data
  5. Data Standardization: Craft a country-wide standard
  6. Team Management: Embed accountability and engagement
  7. Data Governance: Build systems to improve assessment and results
  8. Physician Engagement: Create buy-in and improve engagement
  9. Geoanalytics: Develop innovative data modeling for detailed visualizations
  10. Real Time Data: Develop a comprehensive approach to leveraging your data