1. Canada’s premier event for delivering actionable insights in healthcare analytics!
    This is Canada’s largest healthcare analytics event highlighting national and international case studies to achieve data analytical solutions relevant to Canadian healthcare organizations. Acquire actionable insights from the top industry professionals.
  2. Target your analytic processes to optimize business decision-making
    Drive meaningful improvement for your organization based on the experiences of healthcare leaders. Seize the large amount of decision-making potential in your data to enhance quality of care.
  3. Expand your organization’s data literacy to improve patient outcomes
    Develop meaningful change in your data analytical capabilities by ensuring your entire team understands and trusts your captured data. Build the capacity for your entire team to advance your patient outcome success.
  4. Craft an action plan to implement AI and improved predictive analytics
    Shift your organization to incorporating more AI and ML to build on your ability to optimize predictive analytics for better patient outcomes. Ensure your organization adopts leading edge tools to achieve leading edge results!
  5. Transform your organization into a data-driven culture to improve care delivery
    A successful healthcare analytics approach requires complete organizational buy-in. Whatever your size, ensure an evidence based organizational culture to maximize your patient care.



Join thought leaders, experts and professionals from across North America at this unique event.

Healthcare Facilities

Medical Director | Informatics | Clinical Integration | Chief Information Officer | Chief Medical Officer | Chief Medical Information Officer | VP of Clinical Services | Chief Nursing Officer | Clinicians | Data Analyst | Data Scientist | Head of IT | Medical Office of Science and Technology | Research & Programs


Minister of Health | Health Policy Development | Health & Long Term Care | Public Health | Quality Assurance & Performance | Population Health | Information Management | Data Analyst | Data Scientist

Analytics Software & Service Providers

CEO | Principle | Director Health Industries Advisory | Chief Technology Officer | Senior Consultant | Business Information Architect | Business Development | Data Analyst | Project Officer

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National Summit on Data Analytics for Healthcare | Toronto